When you first walk into a Conduit Global call center, you will be amazed by the activity and buzz. You’ll notice a large amount of people talking on the phone all at once. For these reasons, working in a call center can be loud at times, but there’s a constant buzz of energy.

The Fun

We host competitions, and we provide bonuses and incentives to keep our colleagues engaged. We want you to love coming to work, and we’re always looking for new ideas to make sure you’re excited about what you do. Our team enjoys contests, birthday parties and even an “Office Olympics” where you can show off your hula hoop skills. We offer a lively and progressive work environment, one that embraces a “work hard, play hard” ethos.


When you join Conduit Global, you can count on being part of a team that places a premium on positivity, integrity and excellence. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual’s potential.

Day in the Life

At Conduit Global, colleagues quickly learn each day is incredibly different! Our workplace encourages new situations that foster professional growth. There’s no question that from time-to-time it can get busy in our bustling contact centers, and we have skilled supervisors to provide the right level of guidance. Our belief is challenging situations quickly become rewarding learning experiences. And working at Conduit Global is far from routine – our team members regularly participate together in cutting-edge training and various leisure activities.

Work/Life Balance

We want our team members to have fulfilling lives outside work, and this is why we provide an environment in which flexibility is the norm.  Whether it’s taking part in a sporting event, going on vacation, attending classes or spending time with family, Conduit Global works with its employees to develop schedules that take each individual’s priorities into account.


The Rewards

One of the reasons Conduit Global team members enjoy working in our centers is because of our approach to employee recognition. In addition to a competitive base salary and vacation pay, Conduit Global employees can leverage a number of programs that reward excellence in consumer interactions, from prizes on the floor to pay bonuses. You can also take advantage of our regular social events that recognize high achievement, in which workmates become friends by participating in activities that include sporting competitions, holiday-themed parties and team building exercises.

The Training

We give our agents the opportunity to attend an extensive training program – some of our training programs are 12 weeks in duration. You will receive hands-on experience and time to develop the skills that make a great CSA. You will be taught customer service skills and all about the products and services we provide.


Conduit Global invests a considerable amount of time in training CSAs to ensure our people are knowledgeable about our client’s products and services, and to ensure they can interact comfortably with customers while delivering exceptional service.

The Reality

Working in a call center can be challenging. Your mobile phone is in a locker. You are seated for long periods. The environment is loud, and sometimes customers are frustrated. This is why we teach our agents how to deescalate and handle frustrated customers. Should you ever need assistance, supervisors are always available to help you navigate your call.

Are You Ready?

A day in the life of a Conduit Global call-center agent may include dealing with all sorts of customers, but it will also include friendly competition and break room conversations with co-workers. You’ll be in an environment that fosters professional and personal growth, endless smiles and work full of purpose and reward. What are you waiting for? If you love helping customers, start your application today!